Leaf Vacuum

Our Leaf Vacuums

If you want a leaf vacuum in Ireland, please review our range of blowers. A leaf vacuum is a convenient tool that can help you keep your garden tidy and free of fallen leaves, especially in autumn. A leaf vacuum can also shred the leaves into smaller pieces, making them easier to dispose of or use as mulch for your plants.


There are different types of leaf vacuums available in Ireland, depending on your needs and preferences. Some of the factors to consider when choosing a leaf vacuum are:

- Power source: You can choose between corded, cordless or petrol-powered leaf vacuums. Corded leaf vacuums are reliable and robust but require an electrical outlet and may limit mobility. Cordless leaf vacuums are convenient and portable, but they depend on battery life and may not be as powerful as corded ones. Petrol-powered leaf vacuums are the most powerful and versatile but are also the heaviest, noisiest and most expensive.

- Airflow speed: This measures how fast the air comes out of the nozzle of the leaf vacuum. A higher airflow speed means a more efficient and effective leaf collection. However, a higher airflow speed may also mean more noise and vibration.

- Airflow volume: This measures how much air comes out of the nozzle of the leaf vacuum. A higher airflow volume means a more extensive area covered by the leaf vacuum. However, a higher airflow volume may also mean more power consumption and weight.

- Collection bag capacity: This measures how much-shredded leaves can be stored in the bag attached to the leaf vacuum. A more extensive collection bag capacity means less frequent emptying and more convenience. However, a more extensive collection bag capacity may also mean more weight and bulkiness.